Self-Insured Worker's Compensation Fund

Workers Comp Coverage at a Cost You Can Afford!

In a time of increasing workers compensation insurance costs, wouldn't it be great if your lodging property could receive the profits instead of some insurance company?

That's exactly the principle behind the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Fund. If you qualify, this self-insured program can save you more than 48% on your workers compensation coverage.

The potential for a significant return of profit back to its members is reason enough to insure with the MRL Fund, but there's more! MRL Fund members also receive:

  • Competitive Rates - due to better risk selection. Only those with a proven record of low losses qualify!
  • Better Claims Service - Settlement authority rests with the Fund. The decision making board is comprised of members, just like you!
  • Safety & Loss Control Services - specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

Owned and operated by its members, the MRL Fund offers the same protection as an insurance company, but does so more efficiently. Lower overhead and better claims management lead to lower costs for our members. Over 500 Michigan members are benefiting from the savings right now. Why not you?

Call the Regency Group at (800) 686-6640 to see if your property qualifies. Make the call today, and start saving money soon!